E-learning and Gaming
Application Development

Make learning an unforgettable Experience

Mobiles and Tablets are the main source for e-learning application development. The growth of using mobile phones among people has increased the rate of e-learning. Disparate from laptops and PCs, an instant e-learning experience can be provided by mobile applications. The education and gaming segment is growing and the most interesting phase currently.

We help your users to engage with the unique contents we provide for e-learning which are very informative about various learning processes. We are one of the best education app developemnt companies providing high-quality e-learning applications.

Advantages of developing e-learning and entertainment applications

Ability and Consistency

Using e-learning application, instructors are able to achieve the concentration and coverage of the students. The communication can be made easier between the instructor and the students as they can send messages to group of users at time.


E-learning is handier when compared to traditional method. Creation of new terms, concepts, policies and ideas are very easy through e-learning. The new elements can be added easily to the existing elements for both education and entertainment.

Savings of time and money

E-learning can effectively save money of schools, colleges and training institutes as there is no need of managing the classrooms and libraries for training. E-learning also reduces the time of students who need to travel to their training institutes to gather data.

High Retention rate

E-learning earns high retention of users are they feel more inspired in the way of what they study. The students can remember the visual data representation more when compared to the classroom method. This makes users to use E-learning more.

Reduce the Carbon Footprint

When learning is provided through tablets, smartphones and PCs the paper work can be completely stopped. Even exam, testing and other study material can be brought online so that the usage of carbon footprint can be reduced or stopped.

E-Learning saves almost 50% when it replaces traditional teacher-student education system.


  • Providing short and worthy contents
  • Usability of the mobile app should be easy for student
  • Multi lingual based hybrid content generation
  • Links to e-book and online materials


  • Help student is solving problems and clarify the doubts
  • Video conferencing facility for teacher-student interaction
  • Virtual class room atmosphere
  • Applying augmented reality for better visualization

In 2014 roughly 40% of college students took atleast one online course. By end of 2020 approximately 60% of college classes will be online


  • Offering practice sessions and mock test options to students
  • Ability to take up the test from home
  • Ability to load test papers for remote online evaluation
  • Provide cumulative progress report for student


  • Interactive 3-D gaming facility.
  • Augmented reality based visualization of the entire gaming.
  • Artificial intelligence coded high level chess games.
  • User –interactive entertainment features.

Case Studies



Ibeacon is one of the best and unique applications developed by Mindnotix. This application consists of Bluetooth connectivity which helps the user to update details about their shop like deals, offers etc so that when shoppers switch on the Bluetooth inside a shopping mall, they can get all the updates given by the user about their shop...


Service2You – Service Based Application

Service2You is services based application which helps user to easily book for electricians, plumbers, housekeeping, laundry etc and fix a time slot so that services will be available at doorstep. Once a service is been booked by the user, their location will be auto-detected which helps the service provider to easily move to the users location and provide services...



How to implement IOT, AI and AR in manufacturing industries

In the age of Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation of manufacturing, the manufacturing industry is the market where most Industrial IoT (IIoT) projects are realized and by far the market where most IIoT investments place.The manufacturing industry is leading in the Internet of Things for...


Mobile App Breakthrough your Business

Companies today using Mobile Application Technology as a main source for business process control and tracking solutions. Even a ERP or any other software in place it doesn’t give right way of tracking the operations. Since few processes are not traceable due to software incapability to provide instant data to control. To make your ERP best enterprise application adds mobile app solutions to it...

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