Enterprise application for Finance and Banking

With digital transformation all across the world, banking and finance sectors offer their customer most efficient and secure services with advanced banking applications.

Mindnotix is one of the leading mobile banking application developement companies offers secured and efficient banking mobility services.Our innovative team provide services for all types of public and private banking and financial companies, insurance companies, financial institutes and for other related finance businesses. We are expertise in understanding various criteria for banking and finance mobility.

Mobility Payment

  • Online payments using credit and debit cards.
  • Safety transactions using payment gateways.
  • Cash-less transactions.
  • Easy integration of gateways.
  • Smart –online shopping facility.

24/7 Availability

  • Transfer on demand whenever needed.
  • Possibility to perform transaction on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
  • Emergency money transfer is possible.
  • Fault-tolerant system with enhanced reliability.

Visible balance and transaction historty

  • Massive opportunity to share relevant financial information from time to time
  • No need to go for bank premise to update passport.
  • Easy view of transaction history.
  • Receiving alert and notifications on mobile app.

Biometric authentication

  • Recognizing user using finger print authentication.
  • Artificial intelligence based finger print recognition.
  • High level security and privacy to customer account.
  • Easy to use on the stop banking.

Make the most secured banking mobile application

Before staring the development of mobile banking application, we check the feasibility of the project and also ensure that it meets the client’s needs and expectations.

By development of the high speed computing systems are leverage modern security systems in order to secure the user’s data from being breached. We develop the most secured and reliable banking system to provide better experience to the user’s by perfect protection, speed and innovation.

Features of banking mobility

  • Secure login
  • Easy managing accounts
  • Check account balances
  • Send and receive money
  • View transaction history
  • Fixed deposits and interests
  • Bill remainders
  • Transfer funds

Build your reliable finance application

Enjoy the benefits of having automated invoicing and responsibilities of multiple liabilities at your fingertip by choosing Mindnotix who develop the best financial applications. Our expertise team develop apps for mobile insurance, money investments, stock trading and any kind of multipurpose finance applications for various users across the globe.

Features of finance mobility

  • Customized settings
  • Market dashboard
  • Create /edit profile
  • Online stock maintenance
  • Analysis and reports
  • Products and services
  • Financial planning
  • Invoice management

Case Studies



Ibeacon is one of the best and unique applications developed by Mindnotix. This application consists of Bluetooth connectivity which helps the user to update details about their shop like deals, offers etc so that when shoppers switch on the Bluetooth inside a shopping mall, they can get all the updates given by the user about their shop...


Meyrai – Augmented Reality for Architectural and Interior Design

Meyrai is one the application which best suites the upcoming generations. This application is specifically designed to showcase the features of a specific product. The main objective of creating this application is to visualize the equipments/ product in real life and view the appearance through a mobile phone camera....



Smart Cities with Mobile AR

The widely use of mobile devices (e.g., phones, tablets) and emergence of a new generation of devices which are equipped with more accurate sensors and cameras are placed augmented and virtual-reality technologies within reach. Today, one of the main challenges in mobile augmented reality applications...


Smart Village opportunities in Mobile IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating its buzz all over the world with companies and researchers predicting billions of devices to be connected by 2020. Programs like Digital India and the Smart Cities Mission show that India is not lagging behind. As per 2013 census ~70% population of India still lives in villages. And the problems faced by these villagers...

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