Improvised Transport & Logistics App Development for Business

The transportation and logistics is the most competitive and highly progressive industries. With global development charging the competition, it has become important for the industry to integrate with technology, and gain valuable vendors to provide better services to users and to build a value chain.

Mindnotix stimulate the technology needs of transport industry by offering unique solutions to improve the efficiency in less cost and to improve the overall experience. The main intension is to provide best customer service and to gain customer satisfaction which results in profitability and retention. We develop application for small industries to large industries. The years of experience on various industries and the in-depth knowledge on various domains helps us to be the best trasportation app developement companies in India.

Benefits of Transportation & Logistics

  • Automation
  • Easy tracking
  • Integrated efforts
  • Easy management
  • Flexible Delivery


Through mobile application for transportation and logistics, you can automate the manual processes. The paper works can be eliminated with instant mobile reports. Analysis can be made easy by real-time data capturing and reporting.

Easy Tracking

Using mobility the real-time shipment can be tracked. Tracking can be made accurate by tracking for each second thus it allows identifying the issues and correcting them.

Management made easy

Managing multiple transportations is made easy through software solutions. Everything can be made efficient and remotely accessed. Inventory and asset management is made essay and occurs in real –time.

Integrated efforts

The various features inside a system like shipment, tracking and dispatch as well as transport and logistics are integrated. This helps to build a streamlined process, well- defined output and communication easy.

Flexible delivery

Using software solutions, the delivery schedules can be changed and the routes of shipment can be tracked continuously. This helps to give more flexibility to users to maintain their supply chain and to provide best satisfaction to their customers.



Location tracking


Fleet management


Traffic information


Asset tracking & management

Mobility Solutions we offer

  • Shipment management system
  • Warehouse management system
  • Mobile solutions for logistics
  • Transportation mobility solutions
  • Tracking and fleet management solutions
  • Dispatch and delivery solutions

Case Studies


Virtual Mirror – VR Application for Shopping

Virtual Mirror is the application for upcoming generations who can just make a click to wear dresses virtually and purchase them. This application is more effective and interesting as it can attract the customers to the shopping store. The user just needs to stand in front of the mirror so that their structure will be captured...


Voila – Service Based Application

Voila is a household service application which helps user to easily book for the required household service and fix a time slot so that services will be available at doorstep. Once a service is been booked by the user, their location will be auto-detected which helps the service provider to easily move to the users location and provide services...



Food Ordering Apps

Ordering food has become so easy with mobile apps. Just think of a day filled with work, and you come home and you are so tired to make food, or go out, and buy food, well, no worries now, because Munchbox is here to the rescue. It is a food ordering app, and you might be wondering what's so special about it...


Taxi Mobility

When you think of travelling, either to the Railways, Airport, Bus Stop, or are planning a trip, you think of a mode of transport. Well, the first thing you may do is dial up a taxi, which is our traditional way, but what about if you are in a new city or place? You may not get your favorite taxi driver there...

Relax & Enjoy! We help you manage your transport system