Mobile Cloud

Technology-Scaling cloud over internet, controlled by mobile

We at Mindnotix work upon an updated technology-Scaling cloud over internet, controlled by mobile. You can organize your huge amount of data, categorize the data, retrieve the data and store the data all onto the cloud using a mobile application, we develop. We at Mindnotix work on building such highly functional mobile applications, so that the resource-intensive task could all be carried out to cloud thereby decreasing the pressure to be stored onto mobile phones.

We take care of rigorous tasks such as speech processing, video processing to be carried out in cloud, leaving the mobile phone, free for other purposes. We also work upon building successful background augmentation by moving tasks such as virus scanning to be carried on to cloud, giving space for mobile phones to carry out primary activities. We also work on virtual clone of mobile software and scaling the virtual to multiple clones to increase the speed of execution.

Cloud Computing services


Enhancing business through mobility


Consumer Mobile Application

We Mindnotix technologies, are highly experienced in building consumer centric commercial mobile apps...


Enterprise Mobile Application

Mindnotix specialize is developing high-end mobile application to solve the potential challenges of enterprise...


Mobile cloud

We at Mindnotix work upon an updated technology-Scaling cloud over internet, controlled by mobile. You can...


Mobile Analytics

We at Mindnotix also expertise in building Mobile Analytics App. Suppose if you want to analyze number of visitors...

Case Studies


Voila – Service Based Application

Voila is a household service application which helps user to easily book for the required household service and fix a time slot so that services will be available at doorstep. Once a service is been booked by the user, their location will be auto-detected which helps the service...



Ibeacon is one of the best and unique applications developed by Mindnotix. This application consists of Bluetooth connectivity which helps the user to update details about their shop like deals, offers etc so that when shoppers switch on the Bluetooth inside a shopping mall, they can get all the updates given by the user about their shop...




Mobile Cloud Computing, or MCC, merges the fast-growing Cloud Computing Applications market with the ubiquitous smartphone. In this technique, user-friendly mobile applications are developed, which are powered by and hosted using the cloud computing technology....


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Cloud computing

In next few years mobile computing using cloud-based systems will become a trillion dollar business. Currently, it is not clear whether mobile computing is driving the growth of cloud-based systems or vice versa. Either way most businesses understand that it is critical to have a mobile computing presence....

You can easily manage all your data using mobile applications