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Expertise in building Mobile Analytics App

We at Mindnotix also expertise in building Mobile Analytics App. Suppose if you want to analyze number of visitors to your company’s (or) organization’s webpage, it is very much possible by the Mobile Analytics App, we develop at Mindnotix. A proper analytics will help you in customer retention, engagement and improvement. We design Artificial Intelligence based Mobile Analytics App; so as to know the exact analytics.

By using the Intelligent Mobile Analytics App developed at Mindnotix, it is possible to increase your sales, marketing and the market value as a whole. We already have rich experience in building a crucial analytics App which has hit the global market. Hence inorder to provide competitive advantage among other mobile analytics app Mindnotix take great care in designing accurate Intelligent Analytics App.

What is Mobile Analytics?

Analytics is all about the Data. Based on Analytics we can get right directions and also what all wrong approached which has not worked out well despite of complete planning. Our Mobile App Analytics will help you to understand your customer interest better.

Mindnotix Mobile Analytics Approach helps to build Right Customers

  1. It will give you how long user visited in what case he has bounced
  2. Analytics for user session managements which help to understand product or service interest
  3. Help you understand the user behavior
  4. Will give you products and services has engaged visitor/customers in longer session
  5. Our Mobile App Analytics Data will help for product enhancement in future

Mindnotix App Metrics to Track

User acquisition metrics

This analytics help to understand the traffic source of user in App. The traffic source can referral, paid campaign or direct.

Engagement Metrics – This metrics help to understand the session duration spend in App, based on the app engagement metrics various like total download or total session a page or screen which help in conversion.

Active Users- Its very interesting metrics help to know live user in App, will help us to understand what currently customer is interested and we can build chat communication around it. It will help in sales process

Revenue Metrics

It is useful for conversion rates for in app purchases.

Average Revenue per user- Based on total download and average cost per user is calculated

Cost per Install- Revenue measure based on total visitor and total app installations

Retention- App retention metrics is very important which help to understand customers usage, like dislike and uninstall happened in a period of time

Performance Metrics

Crash Report- Most important report to understand when app is crashed , app that crashes frequently make client to uninstall the app. This report will be helpful for alpha and beta testing to improve the app without crash

Loading Time- Its important metrics of performance, more the app is poor in performance will make customer to decide app us useless and rating will be given very low. This has to be taken care during testing and deployment

Network Issues- Proper information to the user when app is offline or has connectivity issues.

Analytics tools

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